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“I’ve searched for just one word to describe sam, but can’t find ‘just one’. They managed my expectations, were available and preached about trusting the process; my entire sale was completely perfect. In this highly competitive service-based industry, they demonstrated all the attributes of professionalism and blended the openness and honesty like that of a good friend.”

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Jennifer Jewell is absolutely wonderful! I wish for everyone to experience her thoroughness and incredible professionalism when buying a home. Jennifer is extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile to assist in any way possible. I can't say enough good things about her outstanding level of service. She makes the home buying and selling process seem effortless.
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker
18:24 20 Jun 17
I worked with Jennifer Jewell and I couldn't have had a better experience. Finding a home was a 7 month process for me! I was picky about what it had to look like and was on a tight budget. Not exactly a winning combination! Despite that, Jennifer was patient with me and cared as much as I did about finding the perfect home. I can’t recommend her enough. Will definitely work with her in the future.
Paul Gosse
Paul Gosse
18:09 20 Jun 17
We had a great experience with our agent, Jennifer Jewell. She had worked so hard to make sale happen although given the difficult time flame. Now we are finally moving forward. We really appreciate her effort.
Ken Shinomiya
Ken Shinomiya
01:15 30 Aug 17
Words cannot describe my gratitude to Jennifer Jewell. The stressful and emotional process of selling your home can be overwhelming. I spent several months educating myself and researching agents and brokerages to make the right decision for my family. On my first call with Jennifer she was honest, precise and left me with a feeling of comfort that I had not experienced. From there, Jennifer handled the sales process masterfully and her professionalism in managing the transaction with all parties involved was a testament to her wisdom gained through experience. To me, there is no other choice the next time that I need to sell a home again or refer a friend or family.
Raymond Buelow
Raymond Buelow
22:01 28 Mar 17
Jen made our home buying experience smooth and enjoyable. She is very quick to return calls and answers any questions. She has become one of our friends! We highly recommend Jennifer for all your real estate needs.
Brittani Edwards
Brittani Edwards
01:44 17 May 17
Jennifer just found us our dream home north of Toronto, her work ethic is second to none and the after care was amazing, if your buying or selling I wouldn't use anyone else, thanks Jenny!
Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore
01:11 16 Dec 17
So many agents, so many choices, I knew within 5 minutes of talking with Jen that she was our agent and had an incredible experience, I recommend and she's my agent for life.
Vanessa SCoady
Vanessa SCoady
03:12 17 Dec 17
Jennifer's knowledge and experience in the area is impressive. I had the most positive experience with the process thanks to Jen, I highly recommend her, she is professional, kind and empathetic, she brings calmness to something that can be a stressful process.
Marie Buckner
Marie Buckner
15:45 18 Dec 17
My husband and I worked with Jennifer to purchase our home. We are first time buyers and were unfamiliar with the process of searching, negotiating and financing real estate. Jennifer handled all elements of the transaction and we were able to secure our home despite a very competitive bidding market. We would not be in our current home without Jen, and would highly commend her services to anyone considering buying a home. We will certainly be working with her again!
Leticia Harrell
Leticia Harrell
14:25 30 Dec 17
Having Jennifer as a trusting agent I can refer to in her local area has been great for my business. She works hard and has treated my clients with respect and honesty. They are lucky to have her as their agent. I highly recommend her for your referrals to the Orangeville and surrounding area. Christine Monckton from Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty.
Christine Monckton
Christine Monckton
02:58 20 Jan 18
We are so happy to have come across Jennifer for our real state search in Dufferin County (Orangeville and Shelburne specifically). Jennifer knows the area very well, knows the market, and most importantly, she understood clearly what we were looking for (even better than I did at the beginning! 🙂 Having worked with different realtors in the past, I’ve found challenging to find someone who makes a real effort in understanding what you want and what makes you happy from different angles - investment, life style, budget, personality, etc. (And yes I’m a very demanding customer!) And Jennifer really engaged with us and helped us narrow down our search and close a deal, looking after our interests at all times, with outmost professionalism and dedication. It was a real pleasure working with her. If you’re looking for a realtor to help you in Dufferin County, you’re in the best hands.
Jose Antonio Madriz
Jose Antonio Madriz
03:02 17 Mar 18
We had a wonderful experience with Jennifer. We used her both for the purchase of our house, as well as the sale a year later and she was wonderful to work with for both. She is very hard working and really put in her best effort to make the process smooth and easy. She was always reachable, thorough, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone.
Darci Anderson
Darci Anderson
21:33 09 Apr 18
I own a small trucking company, and I pulled a load for them. The broker named gary ext 238 at 877 248 2229. Booked me on a load to some ones house. He said that they would have some there to unload the truck and he told me not to worry about it. I get there and I end up having to help unload the truck because he booked the load to a house, not a place of business .Now they are refusing to pay me for the driver assist. And the load was heavier than listed on the Dat load board .Gary is a very dishonest person and if he represents Rpm I will never do business with that company again. I was already hesitant because their office was head quartered out of Canada. Unlike other people, I keep records of most everything that I do, so I have proof to verify my statements on here. I hooe that the money and time that he stole from me was worth it.
John Cherry
John Cherry
07:24 11 May 18
We went into the process as first time home buyers and it went much more smoothly than I had imagined. Jennifer was a true professional, after giving a price range we had seen a few houses and had a list of needs and wants. She took our feedback and found the perfect fit for us. In addition her responses were timely and informative and with her detailed explanations we were trusting the process. She has established a great network in the community as far as brokers and inspectors ect. as such, our entire purchase was flawless. We found Jennifer quite honest, prompt and a pleasure to go out and see houses with.
Roman Kondra
Roman Kondra
15:14 31 Aug 18
Jennifer was a wonderful agent! As firs time home buyers we weren't sure of what to expect or the process. Jennifer was always available to answer our questions and provided us with all the information we needed to know. She was very knowledgeable of the area and was able to show us a lot of different options in our price range. I would definitely recommend using her as an agent!!
Nicole Wajmer
Nicole Wajmer
17:11 29 Aug 18
Jennifer was INCREDIBLY prompt, knowledgable and experienced. She was always available to answer my many questions and made me feel like she had my best interest at heart. Her calm personality kept me grounded throughout this crazy process. I highly recommend her. Not only is she an amazing Real Estate Agent, she has become a good friend.
Diane Leger
Diane Leger
20:31 01 Sep 18
Jennifer is amazing and very passionate about what she does and it shows! She really knows the Caledon and Orangeville market, I Highly recommend her. She is definately the best choice.
Michael Pidgeon
Michael Pidgeon
12:36 08 Sep 18
Working with Jennifer was a great pleasure, if your looking for an experienced and attentive agent she's the one! Would highly recommend her services.
Thomas Dam
Thomas Dam
18:29 31 Oct 18
We were so impressed by Jennifer’s professionalism. We will definitely be working with her in the near future. Thanks for everything Jen!
Samantha Brookes
Samantha Brookes
17:45 16 Nov 18
Jenn was an amazing real estate agent! We had the pleasure of having Jenn help us buy our home 2 years ago and sell our home this spring. She went above and beyond in every aspect of our home sale. She made sure that we had a thorough understand of how the home sale would work and kept us informed every step of the way. She always had our best interests at heart and worked very hard to make sure we got what we wanted in our home sale. Over all Jenn was so professional, approachable, and hard working and I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home!
Kristen Huizing
Kristen Huizing
01:23 23 Mar 19
We just purchased our first home Jennifer, she was amazing, answered all of our many (MANY) questions, gave us great guidance, and made the entire process so easy and stress free. I was amazed at how smooth the process of buying a home could be. I chose to reach out to this office based solely from her online reviews, since we currently lived 350 miles away. I was so glad to find that all of those wonderful reviews were accurate and well deserved. I would recommend Jennifer to any family and friends looking to buy or sell in a heartbeat.
Jerry Marsh
Jerry Marsh
15:50 09 Feb 19
She was exemplary in all facets of her service to us. Not only understanding and patient with us but genuinely interested in making the entire end-to-end listing to sale process a faultless experience for us. She made sure up front that she understood our needs, then delivered on them. I highly recommend Jen and her team, complete professionals.
Elis Green
Elis Green
13:12 11 Feb 19
Had a great experience with Jennifer. She always kept us up to date and informed of the process, and she answers her phone! We also had the pleasure of working with her mortgage broker, both of them did a great job. I would highly recommend them! Keep up the good work and great customer service!
Jayce Dany
Jayce Dany
16:44 06 Feb 19
I used Jenn last year to sell a house that I inherited. I picked her specifically based on quite a bit of researching. It was a "no-brainer", she ended up exceeding my expectations and she sold it in a very short time! You really can't go wrong by choosing her as your realtor.
Angelina Graham
Angelina Graham
18:26 06 Mar 19

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Best Tips to Determine Your Home Offer in Ontario
When you are shopping for a home in Toronto, you should be aware of the right amount to offer. Of course, your real estate agent will help you have some insights into this, but it is also good to have a plan on your own.
This is so that you feel comfortable and confident that you will be making just the right offer.  Your professional internet marketing company in Toronto, Ontario, tTo help you out, here are some tips you can use to gauge what offer you should give for when buying a home-:
What is your “I Regret Price?”
You don’t want to be the buyer who will be remorseful because you paid too much for the house. Depending on the house and on your personality, there is an amount you will feel very uncomfortable when you pay for the home. There is also an amount you will regret not paying if you end up missing the deal. It is important to understand the “I regret price” on both sides so that you prepare psychologically for the offer you will make and understand where you are likely to hit the buyer’s remorse.



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Real Estate and Marketing

Know how much you can afford
You must have a budget before you begin your search for a new house. Your budget will not just help you find a home you can comfortably afford, but also will dictate how much you would be willing to offer.
Unless you are a cash buyer, the best way to know your budget or the amount you can afford is to get pre-approved before you start your search. This will make it more transparent to you what you can afford and avoid the misery of falling in love with a property that is out of your financial reach.
Don’t ignore your agent
Your agent will be a big help when it comes to making an offer. With their experience, they will evaluate the market and do a price comparison of the property you are interested in based on the value of similar properties sold in the same area in the recent past.
Additionally, they will offer their professional advice on what they think would be a fair offer. Furthermore, your broker will help you out if they are aware of other offers on the table that would meet your needs. Therefore, be very careful with your choice of agent and always listen to them.
Understand that your offer is not just about the price
You should have in mind that sellers sometimes don’t consider offers alone when considering who to sell to. It is possible for a seller to turn down your offer, even if it was the highest and opt for a lower offer. It may be wise to look for real estate agents in Shelburne Ontario to assist you. For instance, if your offer has too many contingencies or you are not preapproved for financing, the seller may be attracted to a lower offer with fewer contingencies and which has been pre-approved for financing. A higher offer is not necessarily a good offer. Strive to get preapproved first, then get your contingencies to the minimum if you want to present a strong offer.


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Decelerating Consumer Credit Growth – Why It Is Bad For Real Estate in Ontario

Real estate sales in Canada has a very close relationship with the household credit growth. The past few years have seen the consumer credit go up, and this is mostly attributed to the low-interest rates. With the first interest rates hike in years, stats by the Bank of Canada shows that there is a deceleration in credit growth and this will have a significant impact on consumer spending, with the residential real estate sector being one of the most affected industries.

Recession and Deceleration of Debt

Debt deceleration may be a good thing, only that it will always have a spillover effect from the debt binge experienced when the boom lasted. In Canada, a significant portion of economic activity has always been linked with the increase in growth of the household debt.
Though this may not be a bad thing, it creates a dent on the road to prosperity for many families, especially those keen on taking up on huge investments such as investing in real estate. Any slight changes in how people spend will always have an impact in industries closely linked to debt growth, with real estate being one of them.

Though it is not possible to predict the future with absolute certainty, there are well-tested approaches which can be applied to trends and used to predict what is likely to happen after a few years. One of the most common methods, and which is heavily used by the Bank of Canada, is to compare short-term trends versus long-term trends. Orangeville real estate agents Ontario If the short-term trends are higher than the long-term trends, then a possible spike in growth may be witnessed. However, if the short-term trends are below the long-term trends, then a potential shrink may be in the offing. Currently, Canadians are looking at a 3-month annualized trend for the short term and a 12-month annualized trend for the long term.

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Caledon & Orangeville Real Estate

The household credit growth in Canada is starting to suffer slow growth. The annualized 3-month trend was at 4.9% in October 2016, compared to 5.78% for October 2015. This is below the long-term trend which currently sits at 5.5%. The difference may seem insignificant, but it is a sure indication that household borrowing amongst Canadians is undoubtedly slowing down and it should be a great concern for the real estate industry.
Mortgage credit growth also slows down

Mortgage credit growth is without a doubt the largest aspect of household credit. It is also the component that is most important and relevant when talking about the real estate industry. The 3-month annualized trend for October 2016 was at 5.4%, and this was a 14.28% drop when compared to the trend at the same time in 2015.

There is also a decline in the 12-month trend which was recorded at 5.6%. The slowdown in the mortgage credit growth could be due to the new mortgage rules set to take effect in 2018 and which are anticipated to cause a further shrink in the growth.
A deceleration in consumer credit growth is not necessarily a bad thing for the economy as corrections are also expected, but it will have a substantial negative impact on the household’s ability to acquire new property. Additionally, the deceleration in growth is anticipated to lead to the loss of close to 12,000 jobs in various industries, implying that if the trend is to continue, then Canadians should brace for tough months ahead. Check for a list of Caledon real estate agents.


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Homes and Marketing Services Evaluation

One notable thing about the real estate market currently is that the number of people interested in preconstruction units is on the rise as compared to those going for resale. This is because preconstruction comes with enviable cost advantages as well as unique customization options that may not be available in a resale. If you are interested in owning a preconstruction in Toronto, you could easily walk into a sales center and purchase it on your own, but using a real estate agent is highly recommended. This is because of the following reasons-:

To help you get the documentation right

Just like buying a resale, buying a pre-construction home in Toronto comes with a lot of paperwork. Most buyers, especially those buying real estate for the first time, usually find the documentation overwhelming and they are prone to making mistakes that could prove to be costly down the line. A licensed sales agent have experience in dealing with such documentation, and under their guidance, you are guaranteed of a better experience compared to going it alone.

For instance, PPC  they are well versed in the building plans and will quickly identify if the preconstruction has all the amenities as indicated. They will also advise on issues such as assignment on the property, where a buyer may or may not have the right to sell the property between the interim and full registration, again it’s time to look at the best Caledon. The builder has these kinds of arrangements at their discretion, and you may not be aware of them unless you use the services of an experienced and licensed agent.


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Marketing Online or Bust

The builders in the preconstruction market are in it to make money, and they will not be forgiving if you are ignorant of the charges you are supposed to pay for the transaction. When you visit the sales center, the agents there will never tell you comprehensive information you need regarding the fees, and if you are not careful, you may discover after signing the dotted line that you will have to pay lots of unnecessary and extra fees. But with the help of a real estate agent, the chances of getting played will be significantly minimized because they will advise on the right fees you ought to pay. With them, you don’t have to pay excessive closing fees as is always the case with inexperienced buyers buying preconstruction units in Toronto.

The agents have a duty to protect you as a client
By virtue of you being their client, real estate agents have a duty to protect you. It’s not just huge sums of your cash that will be on the line, but also you will desire to have a good property you will be proud of investing in many years down the line.
Based on your discussion with them and your particular preferences, Real estate agents in Shelburne Ontario, they will know the right kinds of preconstruction that will mostly fit your needs. Additionally, they also have access to property that might not have been released to the public and which they can potentially help you access if they happen to be what you want


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Marketing Services & The Best Realtors

You’ve made it! You took the shot and submitted an offer on your dream home. Well, congratulations! But then you have to wait for the offer letter. And the hours – which sometimes might seem to be unending – before you get the final decision on whether or not your offer is accepted can be very daunting and might last for eternity. So, what should you do or not do during the anxious wait?
Wine. Take a glass or two
Or maybe three. Sometimes it is vital to take the edge off, but you need to be conservative while you wait for a response to your offer. You may need to make a big decision that night (God knows what), and you don’t want to make such a decision when your head is not clear.
Don’t go for that vacation immediately
You are not yet off the hook, and you have probably heard that the bidding wars in Toronto can sometimes get very murky. You may need that extra thousand, three or ten thousand dollars to enable you to own your dream home in Toronto. So as you wait, don’t be in a hurry to book that vacation to Europe or Africa. Europe or Africa will still be around for several thousand years to come, but the same cannot be said about the possibility of you owning a home.
Explore other houses
In Toronto, the home will never be yours until the final deal is closed. You are just waiting for offer of acceptance, which might as well get rejected. In a market like Toronto, you could be easily shut off by other buyers and so it might as well be a good thing to continue considering your options as you wait for the decision, try a marketing company like Again, simply because you went to the “movies” with another house don’t mean that you are permanently attached to it. Enjoy the game!
Don’t lose your confidence
For you to submit your offer, you have come a long way and now is not the time for you to freak out. The outcome could go either way, but you should prepare yourself for a good one. You have done your best to present what you think is a good offer, and your trusted agent is working out the rest for you within your parameters. If you were not confident of a win, then you couldn’t have reached this far. So, relax and trust that all will be well.


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FIRST TIME HOME SELLER? Selling a home for the first time can come with a lot of stress anxiety. There are lots of questions running through your mind since you want to get the best value for your
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YOUR HOME'S SOLD, CLOSING TIME I always encourage clients to stay on good terms with the people who bought their home. Though the Buyers are legally obligated to close the deal, it is always nice to
best investment is earth


SELLING YOUR HOME, TIME TO GET TO WORK! Though cosmetic issues are not necessarily a sign of a badly maintained home, Buyers sometimes place a lot of emphasis on a property’s presentation. First time